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Friday — April 20, 2018

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May 27, 2014

A Brief Look at Translation Apprenticeship Program

A Brief Look at Translation Apprenticeship Program

After being in the translation industry for several years, it’s time to pass on whatever you’ve learned so far to students who’ve chosen this profession. The entire training session is known as “translation apprenticeship program” where you devote time in mentoring the young. Procedure is almost similar to that which you’ve gone through however with time as many new aspects are introduced in every industry, better chances of teaching emerged. Let’s find out how this program works and where you’ll stand after its completion.

Initial Screening
After launching a successful marketing campaign about this coaching session, you’ll probably get an overwhelming response. This is because demand for interpreters has increased during the last few years with many challenging opportunities existing for a brighter future. Choosing a few from the pool is quite intricate and timely because there might be dozens of resumes you’ve received.

Many companies randomly select these candidates however there’s a chance that you might disregard someone worthy having just the right skills you’re looking for. So take time and go through all biographies.

Once sorting from the list, it’s time to call potential applicants and arrange a small test plus meeting. It helps in determining where they stand and how much time and knowledge you should devote in molding them to be perfect interpreters. The Arabic language translators Dubai guild follow the same procedure, adding competent and valuable employees. This covers the initial screening which is a crucial step.

Know the Interests
Even in translation industry, there’re many subcategories to choose from like literature, academics, traveling, medical institutions, media and many others. Hence, it’s very important to know where a claimant wants to be at the end so as to place them in the right program. While filling out the training form or during meeting, candidates must clarify which career path they desire.

Time to Begin
Finally it’s time to take Arabic interpreter services under your wings and train them with all you’ve got. Be sure to start slow and easy as overstraining might keep them from moving further. Use as much resources as you can like web tools, books, dictionaries along with your own expertise. Duration of the session may vary as per translation category and timely assessment is vital to know where your trainee stands! Besides this, number of students you’re mentoring also matters as equal attention and treatment must be given to all.

The End of Program & Start of a Bright Career
After completion, a certificate is given to successful candidates. If an opportunity presents itself, one can also apply in the same company from where they’ve acquired the training. Professional translation services agency Dubai, UAE is the best place to join as demand for interpreters in Middle East is increasing rapidly due to it being a major hub of traveling. Many different career openings await you for brighter and successful future.

Many Industries to Apply!
Apart from a potential translation agency, there’re other industries you can join like an educational institution, international airport as a traveling interpreter or even a hospital. Further choices include being a freelance translator where you can enjoy dealing with various fields to judge which is more rewarding. Join a group of online interpreters which not only expands your social circle but increase chances to find a better job.

After going through the article, readers will know how a translation apprenticeship program works and all the opportunities waiting. Ciao!

Ozair Akhtar


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