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Wednesday — May 23, 2018

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The Industrial Zone of Tomorrow
P.O. Box 54477, Abu Dhabi, UAE

800 10 20 30

Kizad Advantages
Kizad offers investors an unrivalled business proposition which includes a strategic location with access to the markets of East & West, an integrated industrial zone with port, high end roads network and utility infrastructure multi-modal connectivity and ease of access between three metropolitan cities. Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Al-Ain.

Access to the Markets
Locate Kizad on a World map, and the strength of its strategic location immediately becomes clear. Centrally situated between East and West, Abu Dhabi is the ideal location for businesses to tap into huge regional and global markets. Its world central location means businesses in the Industrial Zone can tap into a market of more than two billion consumers within four time zones. Europe, Russia, India and Africa, are all easily reached while the markets of the Far East - Asia, Korea, China and Japan are readily accessible.

A world-class transportation infrastructure underpins Kizad’s multimodal connectivity to roads, ports, rail and air networks ensuring easy accessibility to and from the Industrial Zone.

Kizad will benefit from excellent access by sea though its ultra modern deepwater seaport, Khalifa Port. Khalifa Port is being developed to accommodate the largest ships to ensure easy import of bulk raw materials and export of finished goods. An ultra-modern facility, the port is already active; receiving construction cargoes as well as alumina for the Emal smelter at a dedicated berth. Phase 1 will officially open for business in Q4 2012. Following a flexible Masterplan for development, Khalifa Port will be developed in stages and will eventually offer capacity of 15 million TEUs (Twenty Foot Equivalent Units) and 35 million tonnes bulk and breakbulk cargo.

Kizad is also directly connected to the markets of the UAE and the wider Middle East. The Industrial Zone and Khalifa Port have excellent access to the UAE’s excellent highway network which links to the Gulf Cooperative Council (GCC) and wider Middle East. Abu Dhabi International Airport and Al Maktoum International Airport in Dubai are both less than 30 minutes away, while the emerging freight and passenger rail networks will link tenants at Kizad to the far corners of the Arabian Peninsula. Meanwhile the nearby Abu Dhabi International Airport and Al Maktoum Airport Dubai, have a combined air freight capacity of 14 million tonnes per annum.

Roads in and around the Industrial Zone will be international standard dual four-lane highways, and dual three-lane arterial roads for efficient movement of goods and traffic. Interchanges are all constructed with bridges to further facilitate the flow of traffic. The road network links all major cities in the UAE, Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

The option of dedicated rail links and marshalling yards within Kizad also exists. Union Railway – currently constructing the UAE component of a planned Pan-Arabian rail network linking Yemen, Oman and Saudi Arabia with the European Union and Russia - offers the opportunity to integrate rail freight facilities into the operating plan of customers’ plants, and Kizad is keen to facilitate such bulk handling capabilities into the Zone’s infrastructure.

Internal Transport Infrastructure
Within Kizad, innovations such as the Hot Metal Road, designed for moving molten aluminium, and the Modular Path, which allows for the unrestricted movement of ultra large structures, offer significant advantages for tenants.

The western side of Area A is the location of the Modular Path. This has been designed to enable large plant and equipment to be transported directly between Khalifa Port and customers’ sites. The Modular Path is integrated with Abu Dhabi’s highway network to enable the movement of large loads and structures to the city and the throughout the rest of the Emirate.

Lower Operating Costs
Kizad can create competitively priced infrastructure solutions tailored to address the specific utilities and logistics needs of major manufacturing projects.

Low Utilities Cost
One of the major operating costs for industrial companies is utilities which is why Abu Dhabi offers gas, water and electrical power at some of the lowest rates in the world. Furthermore Kizad can create competitively priced infrastructure solutions tailored to address the specific utilities and logistics needs of major manufacturing projects.

Vertically Integrated Clusters
In addition companies locating to Kizad will enjoy a number of advantages arising from the design of the Masterplan. As Kizad was a greenfield site its designers were able to incorporate a number of innovative features designed to create business and operational efficiencies for tenants. Foremost amongst these is the concept of vertically integrated clusters.

Vertically integrated clustering offers a number of important benefits. Each cluster is focused on a key primary industry, with a number of related midstream and downstream processes located close by. Other suppliers and service companies serving each stage of the value chain will also be encouraged to establish operations in the cluster. Value is created throughout the industry value chain as follows:
  • Anchor tenants produce basic materials
  • Nearby mid-stream producers take the basic materials as feedstock and produce value-added products
  • Downstream producers also nearby in the cluster produce finished goods using the added value products
  • Specialist companies providing services and goods to support the companies in the value chain are located close by.

Clustering per se is known to encourage productivity and profitable synergy between supplier and customer businesses. The gathering of collective expertise creates a business environment that fosters Research and Development and the development of skills and talent. Vertically integrated clustering is designed to also create economies of proximity by ensuring efficient supply lines and encouraging timely availability of components and process materials.

As an example the Aluminium Cluster is anchored by Emirates Aluminium (Emal), and will provide their feedstock to a number of users who will add value in the form of casting or forging processes. These in turn will supply tertiary companies with components for further finishing and incorporation into finished products that will then go to the warehousing and logistics businesses for distribution and export. The proximity the cluster brings allows the establishment of Kizad’s Hot Metal Road - a specially constructed roadway that enables the transport and delivery of aluminium in molten form, saving downstream manufacturers the considerable cost of re-melting ingots.

Kizad ‘s design includes industry clusters for:
  • Aluminium
  • Steel
  • Engineered Metal Products
  • Petrochemicals & Chemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Equipment
  • Food
  • Paper, Printing & Packaging
  • Trade & Logistics
  • Mixed Use & Other Industries

Competitive Leasing Cost
These industries will find Kizad’s land costs very attractive. They have been extensively researched and benchmarked against regional industrial zones to be highly competitive.

Zero Income Tax Environment
Currently in Abu Dhabi individuals and most companies are not subject to tax on their income.

Ownership Approach
Furthermore at Kizad, foreign companies can opt for the ownership approach that best suits their business needs.

For companies involved in industrial manufacturing activities, choosing a joint venture with a local company (taking up to 49% ownership) allows them to claim exemption from import duties on raw materials; Goods manufactured in this case will be exempt from customs duties when exported to most GCC countries.
100% foreign- owned companies can avoid duties on imported goods kept in bonded status in the Industrial Zone and re-exported from the UAE.
Taken together the cost benefits above, ensure that businesses at Kizad are well positioned to be competitive in their industries and to drive growth in Abu Dhabi for the long term

Business Made Easy
At Kizad, support for your business starts even before your operations begin, and continues with you every stop of the way.

Kizad's world class infrastructure, transportation and logistics options, as well as its low operating cost environment not only promote business efficiency they also make it easier for you to achieve your business goals. However at Kizad support for your business starts even before your operations begin.

Bankable Agreements
For example Kizad's development of a long term "bankable" agreement ensures easy access to project and investment finance.

Business owners that have completed all stages of the land leasing process are invited to sign a Musataha agreement. This is a long-term property right agreement that is capable of being registered at the Abu Dhabi Land Registry Department in the name of the investor.

Signing the agreement ensures the investor legally owns all assets developed on their plot of land within Kizad while they reside at the industrial zone, and guarantees tenure provided the business operates within the terms of its license. It also acts as a supporting document for securing loans and mortgages related to an investor’s business.

The terms of these agreements could be set for up to 50 years

Kizad’s Business Development and Customer Relationship Teams include industry people who will help find the right plot for your business, ease you through set up and government certification and ensure that your business’s on-going administrative and business service needs continue to be met.

One Stop Shop Services
To make this happen Kizad has refined the One Stop Shop business services concept to deliver unprecedented value and convenience by facilitating relationships with Government and Licensing Authorities as well as utility companies to ensure rapid processing and approvals.

Investors looking to establish operations within Kizad face a number of steps when dealing with Government Agencies to obtain the necessary permits, licenses, approvals and clearances. Kizad is working to speed up this process by creating simple, streamlined administrative procedures for investors.

Kizad has launched a One Stop Shop service that responds to the needs and expectations of both local and international businesses. From a single location, all necessary information and services related to establishing businesses within the Industrial Zone will be delivered by a single point of contact who will be an industry specialist with the skills, knowledge and understanding to respond effectively to investor’s requirements.

Expert Advice
The One Stop Shop service will provide advice and practical assistance for setting up a business quickly and easily. Initial services include fulfilling Human Resources and immigration requirements, utilities connections, waste management, logistics and facilities management.

Every business in Kizad will have a dedicated Relationship Manager, based in the Zone, always on hand to provide any answer and service you require and to ensure timely processing of paperwork to obtain all necessary licenses, clearances and permits in a swift and efficient manner.

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