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Sunday — May 27, 2018

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February 24, 2014

How to Supervise Your Cleaning Staff?

How to Supervise Your Cleaning Staff?

If you’re busy with your job and you have kept maids to look after your household responsibilities, there’s nothing wrong with it. However, you still need to keep a check on it or supervise them to know if things are rolling fine or not. I, myself is a working mother, but I don’t go to bed until I put a check in all the checkboxes. I’ve prepared a list of things that has to be done daily and without any excuse, I check them everyday! I would suggest all my readers that are working, prepare a list of tasks that you think has to be done daily and check them when you get back home. There are a few tips that you can follow to supervise your cleaning staff without informing them. Some of the tips are:
  • It is your duty to tell your cleaning staff about their daily tasks thoroughly. Keep on taking daily reports whether they have done sweeping, dusting, ironing, dishwashing, mopping etc. If you keep on getting ‘yes’ in return of your questions, it is your responsibility to check if things are correctly done or not. It is very easy to keep a random check on them. Just move a pot and see if there is any dust or wrapper left. You can rub your finger on your LCD to check the dusting is done or not. Open up your laundry section and check if the mess is piled up or not. With just a few random picks, you could see if your households are managed well or not. IF not, you can call your staff and notify the lacking. IF yes, you are lucky to get honest housekeepers.

  • Sometimes, house cleaners or housekeeping staff are reluctant about the grocery at home. They use it regardless of how much is going to waste. Keep on checking or observing if they are over using your toiletries or other grocery stuff like ketchup, jam, bread or biscuits. There is nothing wrong if you offer them yourself but they should not be in a habit of taking it themselves without asking you.

  • You must not forget to check on stealing. If you find anything that is out of its place, don’t take it easy! Look for it and if you don’t find it, call on your staff and ask them. If they don’t give you any satisfying answer, call the agency that has provided you the staff. They have legal ways to deal these issues. If you think they are doubtful about it, switch to another cleaning services in Dubai and ask them to provide you honest, professional and responsible staff.

  • Female cleaning staff is sometimes prone to explore your bedroom or dressing area to know what cosmetics or dresses top the list. They sometimes fall for lingerie and steal it.

Above-mentioned are a few tips to supervise your cleaning staff from time to time to keep your things safe, before you face any loss. Just for a point, I would say you could rely on your staff for a while but if you have a babysitter and your baby is home all the time than you must stay on toes to see what is she up to and how well your baby stays all day long.

Daniel Dean, a regular contributor to Dialamaid.ae. A passionate writer and blogger lives in Dubai.

Image Credit: www.dialamaid.ae



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Comments (2)
RosmiApril 16, 2017 | 13:04
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Lyle BakerFebruary 19, 2017 | 14:02
Although it is a good idea to keep control of what you house help is doing, then be careful not to take too much of their time away from the cleaning! https://maticservices.com/

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