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Saturday — May 26, 2018

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April 16, 2014

Once Upon a Yacht

Once Upon a Yacht

One of the best ways to enjoy a sea cruise and a lifetime adventure is by hiring a yacht for yourself and family. There’re plenty of benefits associated with Dubai yacht charter like freedom to sail, decorate it as you like, all the preferred amenities overboard and much more. While renting a ferry, be sure to visit different companies as each differs in service, rent and facilities available. Ever wonder about all the fun you can have with yacht charter! If not, then continue reading further.

A Pocket Friendly Way to Have Fun
In this time when the world is facing constant economic purge and inflation is to look for budget friendly ways for a living. The best option is to hire a rental boat cruise in Dubai. This is because dozens of companies from all over the continent participate in the event, displaying a vast array of ships for you to choose from. A common misperception about chartering a yacht is it being very costly however this isn’t the case. So do visit multiple companies for some of the most outstanding deals.

Liberty to Sail
Another benefit is the freedom to sail anywhere, anytime and have more fun on open waters. Select the type of boat with preferred navigation system and other onboard features according to the trip duration. If you know how to steer the thing, no need to hire a captain as it’ll cost you extra. Simply get behind the wheel, activate all the systems and go for it. While travelling with family and friends, do be careful as everyone will be depending on you. So be safe and responsible, no need to act like some sailor out of movie.

Cooking Gear
To prepare scrumptious sea food right after fishing on a yacht is a divine experience. Depending on your selection, a ship is equipped with proper kitchen equipments like grilling units, refrigeration, electric cook top, microwave oven and more. However, the more facilities, higher will be the rental cost. Still, you can take your own grilling gear only if the charter company permits. So, anchor the boat, take out that fishing rod and enjoy.

Storm Cover
Another exciting factor to already thrilling sea trip is an approaching storm. It can be dangerous but to survive through it is a real challenge. A yacht may have a safety covering roof so that your luggage, electronic and cooking equipments remain safe. Each ship is designed in a way that they don’t go off balance when struck by high tides. You can also put on some additional protection like a lighting pole, polythene tent for personal covering and radio to send SOS in case the situation gets real delicate.

Sunbath on the Deck
The best way to enjoy a relaxing sunbath without pestering visitors kicking sand all over is only possible aboard a yacht. Luxury ships are housed with swimming pool on the deck with benches right beside it where you can lie down and relax. Do apply some cream or lotion for protection against sunburn.

After reading all the benefits of luxury yachts charter, hire and rental in Dubai; there’s no point holding back and let the opportunity went pass from right under your nose. So get up, pick up that phone and book a cruiser today.

Ozair Akhtar


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